Sunday, June 30, 2013

Courtney's turn to get her tonsils out!

Junne 27, 2013

Thursday morning Courtney had her tonsils taken out. Sydney had hers taken out during spring break so we know what we were getting into. Each kid is different that's for sure. Courtney has been a trooper on taking her medicine (tylonel or motrin every 4 hours) and even asks for it  especially in the morning. The day after both Sydney and Samantha had play dates for 4 hours so it was nice to be able to just hang on the couch w her. The worst thing about it is her breath. It's awful! Samantha described it as something dead, then puked on with a bad fart in the air. And I would have to agree with her! I do have to say she has a little more energy and eats a little more then Sydney during her recovery. Is not much but more. Lots of yogurts, Popsicles and jello!
I cant believe these were in her wonder she had sleep apnea!
I just realized I never posted about Sydneys tonsils. She had hers taken out April 4. It was a little scary not knowing what to expect. She was a great patient though. The recovery was hard and all she wanted to do for a week was nothing but watch tv and read books and snuggle...and the breath. wow! We had no idea that was going to happen. Jon came home from work the first day and he thought the dog poopped in the house. He was looking every where for it. I had to tell him it was her breath and he didnt believe me until he sat down next to her.