Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Whistler---50 YEARS

Last week the whole dang family headed up to Whistler, B.C. Canada for a funfilled Thanksgiving and a celebration of my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

this is what 50 years produces! the colors were my parents colors at the wedding 50 years ago!

we are a very serious family

The girls being silly w Auntie Leah putting little oranges on their thumbs!

Papa watching a movie w the twinkles!

Ahh 50 years!

Auntie Leah and Samantha playing with their potato heads!

snow angel!
twinks sledding on the Jack Nicklaus golf course!

Magnetic dress up dolls- sure beats the heck out of paper dolls!

crazy kids thought it was a ton of fun to play in the snow w their bathing suits on...good thing there was a hot tub!

Sydney and Papa coloring!

over the river and thru the woods.... to a great little sledding hill!

It was a fantastic weekend!
loads of videos from the weekend :