Saturday, May 15, 2010

best friends?

This morning one of Sam's classmates Aidan had his birthday at chuck e cheese. I had to bring the twins along since Jon went golfing w the neighbor. Courtney wanted to ride on this off road car ride w Sydney but Syd did not want to ride with her. I tried very hard to talk her into it to no avail. Courtney was super sad she wouldnt ride with her. The really sad part was this other little girl wanted to ride it w Sydney and she did! Courtney was so excited to see Sydney on and waited patiently for the ride to be over so she could ride w her but nope Sydney was like "I do not want to ride w Courtney!" So sad again! It was just so odd since they usually are the bestest of friends.

Later in the afternoon we all went shopping at Basha's. Jon and I sat down and shared a 1/2 price frappacino at the Starbucks there while we put the kids in the 'cub house.' Courtney and Samantha started fighting in their so they called me over the loud speaker "Liz to the cubhouse" and they got kicked out! Oh what a day!