Saturday, January 29, 2011

garage sale

This morning I held my very first garage sale. It was the best people watching ever! At 7:20 I put out my signs and had a band of cars following me back to the house. I swear 7 cars were behind me. The first 30 minutes was crazy. I swear 50 cars came and went with hardly anybody buying anything. They would just come and look at everything and then leave. It was the strangest thing. Around 7:45 people finally started buying and people just kept coming. A few were hard core hagglers. One lady kept asking me how much and I'd say and then she would come back with half of what I said. After the last one which was a little Dora doll she asked, I said "twenty five cents," she said "a dime," I said " no, twenty five cents." She then said "what's it for anyways?" and put it down. One lady came and saw all my baby clothes and asked how much. I was selling them five dollars a bag. she then asked how much for all of it. I said $30. Then she wanted all the shoes which I was selling for a buck a piece. She tried to get it in with the $30. I said no that's another $10. Then her husband said no all of it for $30. I was sticking to my guns and said no $40 for all of it. She started rummuging through the bins and filling up the bags and said yes I'll take it all for $40! The even spent another $17 on other things too!. I made a total of about $230. Pretty good for stuff I would have probably just given to goodwill! There was one jacket that I swear 7 ladies asked how much and I said $3 (it was some name brand light weight zip up jacket) and not one person took it. Looks like that will be going to goodwill tomorrow! None of my big items (recliner, couch or TV w entertainment center) sold though which I was really bummed about. The girls were great. I told them that if they didnt come outside once during the whole sale that I would take them to McD's for lunch. They didnt...a lot of opening the door or talking to me through their bedroom windows but stayed inside. They did take out every toy though and make a trail through the house but they are in the midst of cleaning because everything that is left on the floor tonight is going to goodwill tomorrow! So at McDs this afternoon I paid the bill with all ones. I tell the cashier that the ones are from my garage sale and her quick response was "I figured it was something like that, I didn't take you for a stripper!"