Wednesday, October 19, 2011

StoneyRidge Farm

Last week I went with the Lynden MOPs group to StoneyRidge farm! It was the best pumpkin patch/apple orchard I have ever been too. They gave us a little lecture on how the apples grow (all geared towards kids) it was great!

Sydney had to have a picture by herself!
Looks like we will be going back every year just so they can get there pictures taken! I think Jon is going to take them all again on Friday after school so he"ll get Sams shot!

They had a a corn maize that the girls loved. we even got a little lost even though it was small!
they got to pick out a little pumpkin too!
it's so hard to get Courtney to look at the camera!!
a Pumpkin tree!
a cool looking rooster
a donkey

Goats in the air! They had a little food converyer belt at the end of it where you put the food in a little bucket and pull the rope up to the top and it falls out so the goats like to come up and eat!