Thursday, October 27, 2011

stoneyridge again...this time with the whole family!

today Jonleft work at early so we all could go to StoneyRidge farm together. Sam hadn't been yet and the weather was great (cold but clear) We got mini donuts and cider and had a grand ol time!

Sam had to get her shot
and the group shot

We picked some apples this time!

all in all it was a great time except for the lady at the cash register when I went to buy my apples. I set them on the counter and one rolled off and broke open. I told the lady that it's all bruised and set it aside. She grabbed it and put it with the rest of apples and weighed it so I had to buy it...with all the rotten apples left out there it kinda put me in a pissy mood not very good customer service. Good apples though!!