Monday, November 14, 2011

a date w Samantha

Samantha didnt have school today (teachers workshop or something) so while the twinks were in preschool we went to breakfast (her choice Denny's) and shopping at the mall. We picked out the Christmas dresses but I left a 30% off coupon at home so I put everything on hold and will run in this evening to get them. We walked through a bunch of stores and she was great on not begging for anything but I know what she wants for Christmas and her birthday! We walked by one of those photobooths and she really wanted to get her picture taken with me. I happen to have an app for that on my iPhone (incredibooth) so we climbed in and took pictures with my phone (at $5 bucks a pop we saved some cash!) My favorite is the black and white ones! We had a great morning!