Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Tahoe style!

What an amazing Thanksgiving vacation! It took us 19 hours to get there (897.9 miles) The rain was crazy all through WA and most of OR. We swung by Monmouth, OR to pick up Emily.up. The girls were very excited to see her. They watched a lot of Redbox (Rio by far is Courtneys favorite)
happy kids!
So excited to play in the snow and of course I had to take a picture!

Life is good even if I am reading "the new strong willed child" by Dobson!

the Pies!

the table set for 21
The first course--Roasted squash soup w pumpkin oil, sour cream and pecans served w hazelnut flax and honey crostini
6 of us went on a snow shoe to Pinnacle Peak. At first I was about to give up, it was steep and I was winded but I just kept on walking so glad I beautiful!
at the top
Dave describing the beautiful view that we couldnt see (the next couple days were clear skies but we didnt take a hike up there. I want to go in the summer time!!)
as far as we can see!
Sarah and Chris the leaders of the pack!
Avery favorite sleeping spot!
patiently waiting for the food to come

Such great people so thankful they are part of my life!

the kids were the first to dig into the pies!
jack ate the leg. It was the biggest leg I had ever seen! Best turkey ever too!!
doing a puzzle!
I took lots of pictures of the kids and us, trying for the Christmas card  picture...
overlooking Donner lake!
We went to Syd's for Hot Chocolate and a mocha...not the best drinks but nice atmosphere!
sam is really getting tired of me taking her picture!

Courtney dancing
Sydney dancing

She really wanted a picture with just her Daddy!

the making of the snow man
our snow man!

trying for that perfect shot!
and at last we got it...this will be the Christmas card photo

and the long drive home...we left at 4:23 am and drove 948.7 miles ( longer route) but it only took us 17 hours!

It was a tough Thanksgiving without my mom. I miss her so much. This coming month is going to be hard without her. She loved the Christmas season and that's where I got my joy of the time from. I am so thankful for my family and my friends that will be by my side and enjoy all the good things to come! Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season!