Monday, November 28, 2011

Parenting is hard

Today I took the twinks to Trader Joe's after school. They really love going with me there because they have little carts and they help me pick out the groceries. They are super cute and they take turns putting one thing in each cart. We had a great trip UNTIL the end. They were all done putting there stuff on the counter and I told them to take the carts back like they always do.Today for some reason they took off. They knocked over some poinsettias and just kept running around the store with their little carts. I tried to go after them but I was in the middle of paying and there were people behind me so I figured I would finish up and then go get them. I put my grocery cart to the side and I got Sydney to stop after about 5 minutes. I told her to stay by the cart and Courtney saw how mad I was and took off the other direction thankfully with out the cart. I was just stunned. They have NEVER been this defiant towards me EVER! I put Sydney in the baby seat in the grocery cart and went to look for Courtney who was screaming mommy and running up and down each aisle. Syd was trying get out of the cart to go "get Courtney". I was at wits end because every time Courtney saw me she would scream in her loud pitch scream and run the other direction. Finally a nice lady said she would watch this one (meaning Sydney) while i get the other. I thanked her and told her to make sure Syd stayed in the cart. Sydney I think realized how made I was (could have been the tears rolling down my face) so she stayed put. I saw Courtney, she darted the other direction and I ran down the other aisle and got her. I was so made, frustrated and disappointed in the whole ordeal. I was ready to give up Christmas for what they had done. i told them Santa wasn't coming and they weren't allowed to sit on his lap or anything like that! I took them back to the car and they each got to spankings ( I am not a big spanker at all but I felt like this was one of those situations where they needed to know I meant business!) My poor dad called while I was putting my groceries away and I just lost it on the phone with him. I was bawling in the parking lot. I am still in shock that they acted that way. Since my dad and Jon work together my Dad went and told Jon what was going on. By the time he called we were all buckled in and I told him I wanted to take Christmas away from them but he thought that was a little hindsight yes it is but it really was the worst they have ever been. So Christmas is back on. When we got home they spent the afternoon in their bedroom. They couldn't come out all. They did for a quick snack, for dinner and for a bath. They also had to pick up there room. When they went to bed tonight which was at 7:30 they were bathed and their room was spotless. Let's hope tomorrow brings a better day! Courtney did say in her prayers before bed that she was sorry and she will try and be better tomorrow...Sydney wouldn't pray with me only Daddy but he came home late...Parenting sure can be hard!