Tuesday, November 1, 2011

all things Halloween

Another great Halloween! Despite the 48* weather for the actual trick or treating, at least it wasnt raining!!
let the carving begin! The kids helped get the gunk out but left Jon and I do the carving...Jon said next year he wants to make them do it and stick with the triangle eyes!

Sydneys pumpkin "Molly" from Bubble Guppies on Nick jr.

 Carved by mom!
Courtney's pumpkin Dora the Explorer! Carved by Dad

Samantha's pumpkin"Aurora" carved by dad

the twins got to dress up for the whole day of school!

Sydney the Lollipop Girl!

Courtney the witch!

The class!

frosting cookies!

3 sets of twins at the table!

Sydney loves cookies!

and so does Courtney!
Samantha and her best friend Breanna!
Sam's class party decorated cookies too!
Kendall and Samantha

Samantha was so great with Courtney letting her parade around the school with her! Sydney through a major fit before we headed over and ended up not coming. She stayed with Nancy who said that right after we left calmed down and read books with her. She was mad that we didnt stop at Dads office on the way home from school (they both said they didnt want to but when we got home they were both mad that we didnt go! I couldnt get Syd to calm down! Man is she stubborn)

Courtney taking a break at Sams party and reading a book.
Samantha the witch!
Off to go trick or treating around Uncle Lex's and Aunt Leah's neighborhood!
Running to the next house!
the loot!
Sam's haul!
The Hippy parents!