Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 fingers on the hand!

The Twinks are 5 can you believe it...FIVE

Last Spring at a Library story time the reader asked the kids if any of them had been to Hawaii. Courtney jumped up and said that she was going for her birthday. It was news to me but she was certain of it! She talked about it a lot. A couple of months we had to tell her that we weren't going to be able to go this yea for her birthday and would she be alright with a Hawaiian themed birthday. Thankfully she was...thanks Oriental Trading Company for making reasonable party supplies! We had it out at the Birch Bay condo. They have a nice party room and a pool so it was perfect. all the girls seemed to have a blast!

 The leis and the the hairclips were big hits!
We made grass skirts out of streamers!

 The 5 year olds!


 the pinata!

 pool time!
 a few of the parents enjoying themselves in the warmth of the pool really feels like a sauna in there!
we had Amber the swim teacher from this summer as the lifeguard and Sydney was the only one to get in trouble...she wanted to jump!!

 the "family" room!
 pulled pork sandos, fruit kabobs, veggies, was all so yummy!
 and of course the costco chocolate cake and ice cream!

Hula Dancing
 Pinata time
Happy Birthday to the twinks