Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas morning was a little sad in our house. The twins got a note from Santa saying they were on the naughty list for being so bad and not listening to their parents. The note also said that they had to the end of the day to start changing their behavior and that he might come back at the end of the day if he thinks they are trying their best to be good.

Courtney was so excited when she opened up her paint your own bird house from the California Smith family!

Sydney wanted a puzzle

I got Jon a chart map of the San Juan islands. he is always pointing out an island and asking me which island it is. he thinks since I grew up here I should know, makes sense but I don't know!

Papa and his little girls!

a nightly tradition at dinner time is for Jon to ask the girls random questions. He was having a hard time coming up with different questions so they got him a couple of books!

daddy love!

Samantha asked Santa for books so that's what he got her!
papa working on the oysters at Uncle Lex and Aunt Leah's house!
the girls got some fun toys, a blanket and a pillow too!

Sydney loves her Sydney Pillow!

The elf!

Bernt in his forever Lazy, Max and Alexa!
the fancy eating table, Lucky was a little scared of Max and Nicoles little Chiuaua Quinn!

the jello salad rocked!
the silly girls!
yummy dinner and drinks!

When we got home Santa had magically appeared. The twins cleaned their room and picked up the play room before we headed to Lex and Leah's for the afternoon. I really think that Santa not coming helped in their thinking. They have been on pretty good behavior ever since that day.

Sydney and her Santa Dolly
Courtney got her purple hippo and a hippo baby from Santa!

Merry Christmas everyone!