Thursday, December 22, 2011


I have been wanting a dog for a few months now. Jon finally said he was too. I have been looking online at shelter dogs throughout. On Saturday we went to the humane society and they only had 4 dogs 2 were tiny chihuahua type dogs (not gonna happen) and 2 werent for a household with young kids. So we went home and checked out and there was Snoopy. She fit the criteria that we were looking for. She was all the way down in Issaquah at 11th Hour Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. We drove down there Tuesday afternoon. She was inside but they had a bunch outside and all these puppies. Jon was adament that he didnt want to to the puppy thing but there was one that we both really thought was cute...Thankfully the twins really wanted Snoopy when she finally came out or we would have came home with a puppy! I even suggested we get the puppy along with Snoopy but that was a no. So we got Snoopy and changed her name to Lucky, the girls wanted to name her Princess but Jon said no that right away. He really doesnt like Lucky but he is just glad they all agreed on a namw. I keep wanting to call her Lucy so the girls said that's her middle name.
Lucky Lucy Howe

Our first walk with her. She made Sam run a lot and when it was Sydneys turn she went so fast that she lost the leash and fell on her face. So Courtney didnt even want a turn! The twinks brought a scooter and a bike. The end of the walk was disaster not because of the dogs but because Courtney took off on the Scooter and wouldnt stop then Sam ran after her thinking she was doing good by helping me get Courtney to stop but I was so far behind with Sydney and she wouldnt go very fast. She was upset because she wanted her scooter back and didnt want to ride Courtney's bike.  But I am looking forward to our daily walks! Hopefully the kids will settle down a bit or maybe Courtney will get her own scooter for Christmas!!

The nights have been a little tricky. She has really taken to me and wants to sleep in our bed. Jon doesnt want that so I have slept downstairs on the couch with her. I emailed 11th hour where she got her  to see if a cage would be better for her and she pretty much said just let her sleep with you. She is look for security and she has found it with me. We bought her a bed but she won't sleep on it even next to me next to the bed. It's funny though she just wants to sleep at my level. On the couch she is curled up like a ball down by my feet. I am hoping eventually she will get secure enough to sleep on her bed or with one of the girls.

We took her to the vets this morning to get spayed. She only ways 21.4 lbs. I think she going to be just perfect for our family!