Tuesday, June 8, 2010

breaking all the rules!

Tonight is Tuesday which usually means tacos but tonight we were out of tortillas. We did have hard shells but they didnt want anything to do with those...so Papa Johns pizza it was!! I felt kinda bad since we did do Sonic for lunch so it wasnt the healthiest of days! We were watching Winx a cartoon that was recorded in the play room so I broke the rules and let the girls eat their pizza in there (I did make them eat veggies too before they got there dessert so score 1 point for me) Poor Courtney didnt eat here pizza just her cucumbers so she didnt get any dessert. Then right before bed she ate all her pizza up and thought she'd get dessert was very upset when I told her no. This house is also a pigsty upstairs...toys are everywhere but I was just to dang tired and HOT to even try and make the kids pick up tonight...there is always tomorrow!

On a different not...We went to the library today and Sydney picked out a kids book in Spanish. Sure wish my niece Alexa was here to read it to her because I am going to butcher it all up! Sam read it to her though in what she thought the book was about. It was a great story!!