Tuesday, June 8, 2010

twinks go to the dentist!

The other night I noticed Sydney's back right molar was very discolored almost black. I tried to scrape it with a toothpick but I couldnt get away. I was thinking man arent we awful parents to finally notice something like that. We do brush her teeth every night and I hadnt seen it that color before. So I made appointments for the twinks first dental visit. They were very excited. I was filling out the paper work when the hygienist came out and asked me all the questions I was just putting on paper. I brought Rachel with me just in case one was more of a pain then the other. When it was time to go in the back to get their cleaning they grabbed the hygienist hand and said bye mom. I was like ok I'll finish up the paper work and go on back.
I went back and they were both being really good laying there getting there teeth cleaned. They had already gotten their xrays and they told me they were being very good!
They get to wear sunglasses and they have movies playing on the ceiling.
They both have weak enamel and their teeth are close together so we need to really work on brushing twice a day and flossing at least once. Poor Syds "black" tooth has to get a heavy sealant on it.
Courtney was a trooper through out the whole thing.
They each got to pick something out of the treasure chest and they each got a balloon, a toothbrush and a tee shirt. If they wear the tee shirt on their next visit they get to pick out 2 things from the treasure chest! all in all it was a great experience!