Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Jon joined a mediocre coed hockey team that plays in a mens league. They didnt win one game so I dont think he is going to play again for the next season unless he can get on a better team. He did enjoy getting out there but they have way to many people on the team and most of the time he didnt get to play as much as he would have liked. And he'd come home and complain about how nobody was competitive. Last night was the "playoffs" and the game started at 7 so I took the girls to watch. 5 minutes into the game Sam asked when the game was going to start. I told her it already had and she was like where are the people the Coyotes have a lot more people come and watch them! Their goalie rocks! I want to say that shots on goal were like 60 to 18 but they lost 5-1. If they didnt have that goalie it would have been more like 25-1!Jon is #12

when Jon was on the ice the girls would run up and down the bleachers following him. They couldnt figure out why he wouldnt stop and wave! During the time he wasnt playing they were flirting w a little 4 year old hockey player. His mom took a picture of all of them and said Hockey players always get the girls!

Jon in the penalty box!

Daddys girls meeting him as he comes off the ice

Daddy and his girlies!