Monday, September 27, 2010

San Elijo

We got Sam out of school early on Friday and headed west to San Elijo State Beach. We met up with the Cooney family for a few nights of camping. The weather was PERFECT. I packed wrong though since the forecast said hi 60's I brought warmer clothes for us all. It was in the 80's the whole time we were there and dipped to what felt like the lo 70's for the evenings! Clear skies and pretty much a full moon..simply beautiful
The car ride there seemed rather long...Thank goodness for the DVD player!

Sydney sleeping like an angel (she is an angel about 15% of the time)

Once we got there we had to run in to the coldy ocean

Hot air balloons (our campsite was right by those group of trees at the top of the cliff)

Samantha running into the Pacific

of course none of the girls liked there feet sandy!

Samantha is always coloring

Brendon and Devon getting the fire started with the twinks watching closely

The Cooney kids were great with the girls even when they were pestering them just a little bit to much!

The hot water boiling for the Starbucks Via and the kids hot chocolate

Jon taking a little rest

Bob and Bacon!

Dolphin sighting
that block dot in the middle of the picture is a dolphin!

Courtney LOVES the beach. She never wanted to leave...

Jon LOVED boogie boarding. Sam did too but she crashed a few times and had to get out to get her courage back.

Jon and Delaney caught the same wave

Sydney is just so dang cute

Brendon played the guitar for hours. It was awesome! I sure hope at least one of my girls is musically talented!
Our spot on the beach!

a twin fight...
it started because Sydney wiped the sand off the surf board that Courtney worked hard at putting on
here is the sand on the surfboard!

Delaney and her boogie board

Sydney and a wave...
here it comes

and here she is after it got her

now back for more

Sydney ran out to join her

Good times!


Jon and Delaney teaching Courtney how to boogie board!

after a few hours at the beach it was movie time...our campsite didnt have any power so we had to charge up the dvd player in the car while they watch Cinderella 2.

Brendon got schooled by Sam in GO FISH!

Another beautiful sunset

Steak and potatoes w grilled corn for dinner (I had Ono fish)

and it isnt camping unless s'more's are made!

we ended the evening w some Texas Hold em! Devon was the winner winner chicken dinner! Brendon didnt like the flash and Jon looks wiped...

Day two at the beach...
more digging

more boogieing

and bob even taught Jon how to surf! Well he caught a few waves but never actually stood up. He spent a lot of time out there I was a chicken, it was 66* water and thats too chilly for me!

The Coppertone girl!

I thought these surfboards would make for some cool pictures ...the girls refused to get their pictures taken together and wanted separate ones.
future surfer girls!
and Sydney wouldnt stand in the middle of them!

They did pose for a picture ( i bribed them with chocolate...which I just realized they never got ha)

Surfer Samantha

My feet just loves the sand

The girls spent A LOT of time climbing the tress back at the camp site. They sure are monkeys!

Sweet Sydney

Our goofy girls!
Having way to much fun

3 little monkeys climbing in the tree (thankfully no one fell but Sam did get a bad splinter)

Daddy and his girls!

This just could be our Christmas card photo this year!