Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sick Sydney

Poor Sydney has had a fever since Sunday afternoon. She didn't sleep to well Sunday night. She kept wanting me to sleep with her which I would have loved to have done but her twin bed is just too small! I sure wish we would have bought the girls double beds but that just seemed so big when they were 2! yesterday she spent the day on the couch watching a bunch of cartoons, she didn't want to eat but I made Sure she was drinking something to keep her hydrated. She had a dose of ibuprofen at 4:30 and at Bedtime she wanted more I told her she could have some if she needed some in the middle of the night. At 9:30 she starts crying for her medicine. Her fever was gone but she was so adamant about it I gave her 1/4 tsp. I was hoping that the fever had broke and we were done but nope she woke up with it being 100.3! Another lazy day for her. Jon and courtney are going to head up to my folks while I make this house look sparkly for the Hodges that are coming tomorrow! prayers that Sydney's fever finally leaves this house!