Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a great day! Namy, Papa, Jim and Jill over for chili and corn bread. (the kids had mac and cheese too) After dinner the deal was to get the kids to clean their rooms before we put the costumes on...need to bribe to get things done around here! It worked. We got the costumes on and then we did hair and makeup! My girls sure love to be girly. As most of you know I am not the girly type so after I used the curling iron On Samantha I realized I dont own any hairspray so I had to use Jon's gel to make sure it stayed in place. I curled Sydneys but Courtney just wanted makeup, no curls! All three loved the make up especially since I put so much of it on! Trick or treating was kinda pathetic this year. It seemed like every 3rd house was passing out candy this year. Lot's of dark houses. This was the first yeat that our community "Dreaming Summit" had a huge block party. The lady that put it on did a tremedous job. She got a lot of local business to donate things like prizes for the contests (costumes, pet costumes, chili cook off) She even got Albertsons to donate hot dogs and drinks. Lot's of games for the kids. Looking forward to next year.
Taylor Swift

Storybook Princess

Purple Fairy!

The Girls and their pumpkins!

At the Dreaming Summit Block Party waiting to strut their stuff at the Costume Contest!

Trick or Treating

Courtney was so excited she ran and tripped and all her candy fell out...she was so mad her sisters got ahead of her!
Scary house! Fog machine and all...

heading home...we were at the second to the last house and Courtney said she was done...her purple pumpkin was heavy!

We then headed over to Kim's house for a special treat to end the evening.
It was an AWESOME Halloween...and now we have way to much candy in the house!