Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hodges fall 2010 visit!

Julie, Taylor & Dominic showed up Wednesday a little later then they expected...darn airplane delays! We were so excited for their 3rd annual visit!
They all tried to sleep upstairs in the loft. Courtney fell asleep early but after I took this picture she did wake up and join them!

Thursday we we hung out at the house for a bit then we headed to the Dollar Tree for treats from Taylor and Dom's Grandma. She misses the girls. After that we headed over to Oasis Gym for some open gym time! Good times!!



On Friday I kept the kids out of school to play. We packed a yummy lunch and headed over to the White tanks for a fun hike. It was the longest hike my kids have been on. 2 miles round trip! Courtney and Dominic both wanted to be carried back but the other 3 were troopers!
Alyssa joined us too!

Dominic kept asking the girls to hold their hand...Courtney always did but Sydney didnt want anything to do with that!

the motley group!

Julie, me and our kids!

Best Friends!



The hike we went on was the Waterfall hike but as you can see the waterfall wasnt...It was just a little pool of water!
The Howe family!

thankfully that big rock didnt fall on them!

after the hike it was pool time...Jon did try and heat the pool up but it only got to 79* so the kids pretty much stayed in the hot tub!

best friends forever!

Girls night!

Kim and Amy

Julie and me! Man I miss living near her!!

Looks like Julie drank a little to much (I was the driver)

Saturday we took them to Sam's soccer game and then to Olive Garden for a yummy lunch! Always sad to see them go...