Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend getaway

Thursday Jon and I headed up to the Bay Area for a couple nights without the kiddos. He still has a couple free tickets on Southwest and I still have a companion it was a very cheap trip (Thanks to the PateS, especially Jack for his room and Sarah for her car!) I am so ready for one of us to get a job so we dont have to be so cheap, not that we wouldnt have stayed with them anyways! I desperately needed my hair done and since Michelle is the only one who has touched my hair since 1994 we left the kids in the good hands of my mom and Alyssa!! I so believe in these little trips away form the kids. It usually recharges me and I feel like I am such a better parent when I get back. This trip I felt like it needed to be another day longer though. The kids just dont listen to me and it completely drive me nuts. After church today I left Jon at home to watch football and the kids and I spent the day with Namy at her RV. The kids were not on their best behavior. When I got back we all ate dinner and I headed upstairs to take a long bath and relax with the door locked! I got up to help put them to bed so hopefully tomorrow I will be recharged enough to be a good mother!