Friday, March 25, 2011

AKL is going to AKJ

Alexa Kay is getting married! Bernt Johnson asked her to be his wife on Friday Feb. 18. The big day is February 19, 2012!
Funny story...Lex (my brother Alexas Dad) got a phone call from Bernt on the Weds before and asking him to luch just the two of them. Lex was like sure. Jon over heard the conversation and when he got off the phone said "you know what that was about don't you?" and Lex was like "huh what?" Jon said "your daughters boyfriend just asked you to lunch just the two of you..." and Lex said "really? do you think?" Jon said it's either he's goiong to ask if you if he can marry your daughter or borrow money." Friday rolls around and they go to luch and sure enough that was what was up (the marrying question) and he said he didnt know when he was going to ask either this week end or the weekend he graduates (he's getting his masters at WSU) Lex said "I can only keep it a secret until Monday!"
So Friday night he popped the question...and when they got home a house full of people were there to toast to the upcoming nuptials!