Saturday, March 26, 2011

Soccer game

Today was Sam's first soccer game. What a league we are in! We play at the Northwest Soccer Park. Crazy amount of fields. Her age rotates fields every quarter if you are the "visiting" team. Kind of a pain but that way the kids play different kids each quarter and nobody dominates! The team splits up too. It's odd but this way they get to play more. Today they all got to play the whole time because a couple of the girls couldnt come. They play 3 on 3. Sam is getting to be such a little player too. It's fun watching her get in there and go for it! She was a goal scoring machine today...but they dont keep score. It's all smiles! I am so happy she likes it!

I was bummed I ran in and grab my camera but forgot I was charging the battery! So these are from my phone. I thought I was taking videos but the pause and play I got all messed up so I was video taping when I thought it was on pause and pausing when I was actually shooting the video!. I was bummed because I thought I got a video of her 'stealing' the ball and taking it all the way for a goal! It was awesome!!