Sunday, March 27, 2011


The last three years I have had it good, wait I had it GREAT! Jon worked from home and was there for everything. When the twinks napped and I had to get Sam from school, no problem just hand Jon the monitor and I could go. If the kids were engrossed in a movie I could tell Jon I was going to run an errand. I could volunteer in Sam's classroom once a week while Jon took his "lunch" break. It was ideal! Then he was laid off so since July we could pretty much do anything at anytime (as long as it was free or super cheap!) I had a couple parenting groups I was attending regularly and the twinks were in preschool 3 days a week. Since the move this last month has been a really hard transition for me being home alone with the twinks all day and not getting a little break here and there. I miss my mom terribly which in and of itself makes life pretty hard right now. I am slowly finding things to do and getting out with the twinks while Sam is in school. I found a preschool story time at the local library and I also found a "tot soccer hour" which I wanted to try to today but Courtney wanted a lazy day (she's still in her pj's and it's 2:30) I need to get busy and I think that will help all of us.