Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moving on up to WA

We packed up a 52 ft Ludtke truck on February 18th and realized we had way to much stuff and had to rent 12 ft trailer from uhaul. At first we had it behind the Tahoe but then we decided to let Jon take off and get to WA asap while Papa, me and the girls road in style in the RV. We took off on Saturday morning for the long trip from AZ to WA. It's about 1600 miles. Something was wrong with the plug in on the rv so the lights on the trailer wouldnt turn on which meant we we could only drive during daylight hours! Needlessly to say it was a long trip. 4 nights and 4 1/2 days of driving. (I drove 2 hours of all that) Jon made it in 2 days! The kids were exceptionally good considering that we were stuck in a 40 ft winnebago. There was a 36 hour period were the kids didnt even get out of the rv!
I let Sam sit at the table and color until the twinks thought they should be able to too. This was the first trip that I did let them out and they could lay on the bed and watch movies or read or whatever but they couldnt walk around!! That helped out a lot but they did like to sit up front in their carseats.

the twinks watching something. They did spend a lot of time in that position!

Our second night we stayed at a KOA near Lake Shasta in CA. I didnt pack for snow but that didnt stop the kids from playing in it! They were out there for 20 minutes or so until they got cold!

perfect shoes for walking in the snow!

playing with all the technology...ipod touch, mobigo and my first leap pad

Papa wore that outfit for 3 days!

Welcome to WA!