Monday, March 14, 2011

My best friend, my mom

On March 2, my mom passed away from pneumonia. It was really quick and very unexpected. I am still in shock and a little numb about the whole thing. I miss her so very much. 7 1/2 years ago she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. They tried a bunch of different things until finally in January of 2006 she got a stem cell transplant from a woman back east named Debbie. For the past couple years she has been fighting grafts vs host disease in her legs and of course taking a ton of pills. Last month was her last treatment in AZ and she was excited for us to all be in Bellingham. She left AZ the 2nd week of February to start packing. They were moving to the condo out at Birch Bay and my family took over the ranch. She was so excited to finally live full time at the bay. We were stressing about all the stuff we had. We were both downsizing and we way to much stuff. We talked about how we'll have a big garage sale in the spring and sell stuff on ebay. We got up here on February 23rd (after a 5 day journey in the RV with my dad driving the whole way...I did drive for 2 hours one afternoon) She wasn't feeling to hot but she came out to tell me what to do with some of the stuff. We didn't go see her that weekend because she was sick. We talked a lot on the phone though, that's what we did! Really early on Monday morning my Dad ended up calling the ambulance to take her in. That's when we found out she had pneumonia and she was in septic shock and her white blood cells were gone. She was in ICU. On Tuesday morning she woke up and was doing as dad put it 189% better. I went to visit at 4 that afternoon she was coughing and they were trying to figure out what was going on. My dad decided to go get a hair cut and then head home so he could organize the heavy stuff before she came home. At 4:30 I helped her to the bathroom and her heart started pounding hard. I got her back into bed and called the nurse and dad. The next thing we know a bunch of Dr's were there. It looked like things were calming down so I left at 5:30. My last conversation with her was about Charlie Sheen (she wasn't a fan) and these pewter cups that she had. We laughed about these cups because when I was a kid I finally got to sit at the grown up table one evening and she was using these cups (think knights of the round table big pewter goblets) and I was so excited until I drank out of it and my water tasted all metallicy! We laughed about it. She told me to pack them up and we'll ebay them (I think I'll keep them now) and she apologized for not talking so much. At 9pm I called my dad for something and he said things werent looking so good and they were talking about taking her back to the ICU. At midnight he called and said she was going. My brother Lance is living here to so we raced into town. My other brother Lex met us there. He passed out in the ICU and ended up in the ER and he had pneumonia. He was gone for an hour or so. The Dr talked to us and told us that she had been on 6 different antibiotics and nothing was working. My dad and the Dr talked to her earlier and she didn't want any heroic measures taken. She wanted to go with "God's plan." That's the one thing that brings me so much comfort is she was so strong in her faith. It was truly the hardest day of my life. At 5:20 am on March 2, 2011 she went to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. She was and will always be my best friend. We talked up to 6 times a day on some days and life just isn't going to be the same without her. I am sad that my kids aren't going to grow up with Namy. But as Sam told me one morning that "she is watching us Mom, she is everywhere. She is my Angel!"