Friday, July 15, 2011


For some reason Sam is now afraid of elevators. On the way to Seattle today we were coming into the city and you can see the Space Needle. She decided a few months ago that is where she wants to go for her 7th b'day. Well she sees it and says "we are going to there for my birthday but I am kinda afraid to because we have to take the elevator up and I dont want to get stuck." I told her that would probably never happen but if it does they have safeguards to get us out. The we went to Alexa's new apartment it's on the 3rd floor of the building. We took the elevator up and she didnt say anything about it. The kids just took turns pushing the buttons going up and down. No big deal but then on the way home from our fun filled day (next post) she tells me that when we go to Alexas next time and forever we have to take the stairs because she is afraid of being stuck in the elevator. Ok now I am thinking what is this all about so I text Alexa and tell her the conversation I just had and she said that Sam mentioned something to her about it that afternoon too. Alexa told her it was more likely that she would get hit by a car walking on the sidewalk then being stuck in the elevator. (great now she's probably going to be freaked out walking on the street!) When I got home I told Jon about it and he said it was probably his fault because the other day when he was in an elevator with her at the public library he started jumping up and down in it and it freaked her out so much that he had to stop.(see what I dealing with here...) so I guess from now on we will be taking the stairs, it's better for us anyways!