Saturday, July 2, 2011

Progressive Riding Academy horse camp

Samantha went to horse camp all week. She had so much fun and thankfully hasnt asked for a horse of her own! On Friday they have a horse show for all the parents. I was pretty empressed with Samantha since she hasnt rode a horse ever. Pony's at the fair is about as close to riding as she has ever got. She did sit on Grandmother Joyce's horse when she was 1.

We had to get her a new helmet the night before camp because we couldnt find her bike helmet. Turns out she left it at the ranch!
The instructors
The campers (and instructors)
She was the smallest but she said she wasnt the youngest.
getting her certificate
Kiva the horse she liked the best!

Courtney got to go for a little ride around the arena. Could not get that smile off her's never been so big!
Sydney rode too!
All in all it was a great week. Samantha wants to go again next year.