Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the jelly belly bus

took the kids into town to go see the jelly belly bus. We were disappointed that it was broke down and it was just a VW bug. We did get to play the game where you spin the wheel and where it lands you have to try one it could either be good or bad. The twins both spun and got "blue berry or toothpaste" they both ended up with toothpaste which they liked. Sam spun and it landed on "Caramel corn or moldy cheese" thankfully she got the caramel corn. I landed on spinners choice and it was either "coconut or diaper wipes" Yay for coconut! I read one that was pear or boogers but none of my kids (or me) wanted to take that chance! The grocery store also had a 50% off special so the kids and I each filled up a bag! We also filled one up with just black licorice and few raspberries for Jon! got close to 4 lbs of jelly bellies. I want to take them on the tour of the factory in Fairfield, CA next time we are down there.