Monday, July 25, 2011

woodland park zoo

Friday Jon took the day off (well he did go in from 7-9:30) and we went to Seattle to the zoo. We met Alexa, Lori and Trinity, Treva and her girls Bailey and Thea. Lot's of kids and a really great time. We spent 5 hours there and we still didnt see all of it!

the kids just love crawling all over the animal statues they have throughout the park...and they always tell me to take pictures of them with them.

Alexa Kay and the twinks!

the gang of girls!


another statue picture!

the dinosaur exhibit

Courtney --funny story-- Courtney had to go to the bathroom. We were standing in line in the restroom and she really wants to go in the "zebra" stall. Each stall has a different animal. So we wait. for that one to opne since really isnt going to go in the ones that are opening up. She is standing firm and really wants to go in the zebra stall. No to the peacock, no to the gorilla, no to the lion, no the monkey, no to the gorilla again...well you get the picture. The lady finally is done in the zebra and she is so excited we go in their and she yells "man, it's so stinky!" I just laughed and said well what do you think that lady was doing in here for so long????

After the zoo we headed over to Alexa's and met up with Bernt. We went to pizza and we were going to go the movies but we all were pretty tired so headed back home. Next time!