Monday, August 8, 2011


This morning we headed out to Birch Bay for the week. Kids have swim lessons and the Blairs (Kate to be the one Sam is excited about) are at their family cabin for the week too. Well as we were packing up I had the truck have in and half out of the garage. I thought the girls were ready so I turns the car on with the CO2 pump into the garage. Sam and Syd were goofing around a little to long and inhaled the fumes more then I would have liked. The we spent the next hour in the car. The girls were acting tired by I didn't think anything of it. They weren't complaining or anything. The minute we got to the condo Sam ran in and then ran out and said she just threw up twice on the living room floor. Thankfully all they ate was a banana between the 3 of them. I took her to the toilet where she threw up more then Syd comes out of her room and she is threw up in the hallway and the bedroom. Then they both tell me they feel much better but that they are hungry! They are acting normal and no fever but what a strange thing to happen to them at the same time. I think it was the fumes and car sickness but I am making them take it easy today anyways. Maybe this evening we will go see Kate!