Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Samantha started her first day of first grade today. She was so excited! Last night we made the twinks sleep downstairs on the couch so Sam could get some sleep but she was so excited she couldnt fall asleep. We started reading "Alice in Wonderland." I read her the first chapter and turned out the light at 8:15. I went downstairs and started doing things and I was thinking wow she went right to sleep. I didnt hear a peep from her...until 10:15 when she came out of her room and said "Mom I have tried everything I jsut cant get to sleep!" I told her to go back in and try again!. At 10:30 I snuck in her room to see and nope she was still awake. Poor girl! I went to bed (I couldnt sleep either last time I looked at the clock was 12:45!) Jons alarm went off at 6:15 and Sam yelled "is that for me?" Finally at 7:30 she got up. Pretty easy morning of getting ready. Jon came home to go to school with her. She is going to love this year!
our First grader!

Giving Mrs. McDonnell, her Kindergarten teacher, a big hug before heading into Mrs. Brandts 1st Grade class!!