Tuesday, August 23, 2011

weekend getaway

Jon and I went to Vegas over the weekend. It was exactly what I needed right before school starts. We had a relaxing blast. We got in late Friday afternoon. we walked around got a late lunch early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We went to a movie (The Change-Up) and we gambled a bit. Saturday we spent the whole day laying by the pool. We stayed the Hilton which isnt the greatest but it was free since Jon still has points from all his travels from his last job. He is still a gold member so we got free breakfast buffet both days! And he got 50% off a nice lounger bed by the pool with an umbrella! It was perfect. I pretty much read a whole trashy novel and just laid there. I didnt have to worry about any kids misbehaving themselves in the pool. It was perfect! Saturday night we had tickets to 'Beatles Love' which is at the Mirage. We decided to go to "Japanais" there and it was probably the worst meal I have ever had. Way to expensive for the amount of food we got and the food wasnt even all that good. But the show was AWESOME! On Sunday we just wandered around some more. At the airport I saw Kevin Dillon, Johnny Drama from HBO's 'Entourage.' and Matt Dillons brother! I told him I like his show and was so appreciative! He said "Thanks, Thanks a lot. It really does mean a lot to me!" I was going to ask to get my picture with him but another girl came up and asked him for a picture. I didn't want to cause a scene for him.
The perfect spot!


brought the girls back cool princess cups...can you see I messed up? The purple Samantha cup is suppose to to say "Courtney" Courtney was a cool about it and she is using it since it's purple! If anybody out there who is reading this and sees a cup like that with Courtney's name on it...buy it and I will pay you back!

made out of Jelly Belly's!

Alexa Kay watched the girls for us. She said Sam was great but the twins werent very good at listening! I talked to Courtney after Alexa left and said to her "I'm sad that you didn't listen to Alexa, you promised me you would." She looked at me and said "I am sorry Mommy, I broke that promise just a little bit."

I am all refreshed and ready to start the school year...getting up early and making lunches! The twinks are going to preschool 3 days a week (9-1) and they have to bring a lunch!