Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Hodges!

We spent the weekend with the Hodges in our old town of Castro Valley. We met them in Lamaze class with Samantha. Taylor is 18 days older then Sam and they are the best of friends. They have come to visit us when we lived in Az a couple times. Hopefully they will make up to WA soon! Julie coaches Taylors soccer team and they had practice Friday night and Sam got to practice with them. They had a blast!
We went to a Mexican restaurant on the water for dinner and of course we had to take pictures of them!

Julie is a workout she made me go to the gym with her. We put the kids in the little daycare there and spent over an hour kid free working out!
We then headed over to Cull Canyon for an afternoon of swimming and trying to make sandcastles!
We got the kids all set up in their rec room and Julie and I played a rousing game of scrabble! Good times with the Hodges!!