Friday, August 31, 2012


Samantha has her own room downstairs. It's a nice little room with a bathroom. She was really excited when she got to move into it. For the past 4 months it's a battle to get her to stay in it. She doesnt think it's fair that everybody else gets to "share" a room. The past few nights have been horrible and she keeps sneaking into her sisters room. It wouldnt be so bad but she keeps them up talking and playing. Last night we couldnt figure out why the twinks werent going to sleep. We tucked everyone in their beds at 8 and at 9:15 they were still giggling and whispering. I went in and sure enough there was Samantha. I told her she doesnt get to watch the movie for family movie night tomorrow night and that made her really mad. But there are consequences and she really enjoys that. Fast forward to this morning and I go to wake her up and she isnt in her bed. She went back into her sisters room at some point and was sleeping in there. Now she has no electronics/tv for a week. I am at a loss on what to do here. We are about to do some sort of change to the twinks room so they can each have their own space. We would love for them to have their own rooms but this house just isnt in the right shape to add a new bedroom somewhere without costing us an arm and a leg. We are thinking loft beds for them all. Maybe if we redo Sam's room a bit she'd like it! We would let her be with her sisters but she doesnt let them sleep. They usually go to sleep within 10 minutes of us turning the light off but always with Sam it's an hour and half and we are always going in there telling them they need to quiet down. I really miss our AZ house which by the way should close on Tuesday!!