Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The drive to CA

I woke up at 2:30 Tuesday morning and tried my hardest to fall back to sleep! I was excited to get our vacation started! Samantha was too because she came in at 4 and was ready to go. We were planning on taking the Tahoe and even had the 150,000 mile check up done but when we went to pick it up from the repair shop Monday nigt the emergency break light was on even though it was off and that high pitched noise wouldn't stop telling you it was on. Jon got ahold of the mechanic but he couldn't do anything until morning and I wanted to leave at 5 am or I knew I wouldnt be able to make it the whole way. so we piled into Papa's Lincoln which gets way better gas mileage at 4:30 am! The kids were excited! But by the time we got to Everett Sydney got carsick! All over her blanket and couple stuffed animals. We had I pull over of course and change her cloths. She has never gotten carsick before but she wanted to keep on driving. She probably threw up (she doesn't like us to use the word puke) 4 more times and then she felt better. She was really good at throwing up in a cup so no more messes! The color of her skin came back around 10 and she was back to her normal self! We had quite a few potty breaks and I swear if I didn't know better that Sydney would see us pass a rest stop and about 2 minutes later would say she had to go! At one point I had to get gas and I totally lucked out by getting off and exit only to find a Costco and a Starbucks! The girls did extremely well considering they had I be sitting right next to each other the whole way. We splurged and got two more portable DVD players so for a while they got to watch whatever they wanted... Until the batteries died and there is only one cigarette charger in the Lincoln so they all watched a few shows together! We also listened to "Abby C and her one magical power" plus a couple Disney fairy books. The longest part was the last 45 minutes because they just wanted silence. I wanted to listen to he radio but nope they kept telling me to turn it off! We pulled into the Smith's driveway at 950 pm in Alamo CA happy tired and ready to start our vacation! Oh yeah somewhere in OR Samantha lost her tooth so the tooth fairy came to CA!