Friday, September 7, 2012


We have been looking for a dog. Jon didn't want me to get a puppy because he wanted me to have some free time since this is he first time in 7 years I really have some time to myself and he didn't want me raising something else. I found a couple of older dogs at a Labrador breeders that would have worked (one of them was bred from barleys dad!) I really thought we were going to go that way but this morning one of my dads friends stopped by with the 7 month old lab mix. His niece just moved back here from Vegas and was moving into apartment that doesn't take pets. I said we'd take him for the weekend and see how we like it. Within the first hour I knew he was going to be a good fit. He comes when called and he's super good around people and other dogs. I took him to jobs office and he did great with everyone and then went toto see Leah and he definitely isn't an alpha dog. Their dog Newman ( a load jack Russell terrier) was definitely the alpha dog! I even took him for a 2.5 mile walk around lake Padden and he was great around people and other dogs! He did have an accident in the kids play area downstairs, peed at lex and Leah's, and threw up in the car but I am giving that all nervous puppy body functions! The kids were so excited when they got home. Sam was a little taken aback but warmed up to him and tucked him in for his afternoon nap! So hopefully this is our new dog!!