Sunday, September 2, 2012

Artist Point

I've been wantitng to go up to Mt. Baker all summer and we finally drove up there yesterday! What a fun day we had. The girls thought it was pretty cool to be sledding on September 1st. The twins wanted to hike to the end of the trail which seemed to go forever, Samantha and Jon gave up and turned around while the twinks and I kept going and going. Courtney tripped and that made her want to finally turn back. The she tripped again and scraped her arm. She said "Mom, I am actually bleeding!" Thankfully we had some bandaids in the car for her!
Our family!

it was so beautiful up there...every where I turned it could be a picture! The poor girls were getting tired of me saying "Let's take a picture!"
Courtney's favorite pose

Jon and his girls!

So beautiful!!

Jon said this rock reminded him of "the little mermaid" so he struck a pose!
Jon and Sam decided to turn around at this spot!

We just kept walking!

Courtney did not like me stopping all the time to take a picture. My battery died so she was happy!