Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today was the first day of Kindergarten for the twinks and they did great this morning! Courtney even wanted to brush her own hair to make it look so beautiful. Jon took the morning off to walk them in. He took Courtney to her room while I took Sydney. They both did great putting their stuff where it belonged. They were so excited! I picked them up and Sydney was crying. She said she really missed me but then as we were walkin out the door mr. Devere the principal said there was a little problem at the end of the day where Sydney said another girl cut in front of her in line so she scratched her.... Just great. Then Sydney started crying again because now I knew the truth. Hopefully she is goo to learn really soon that she can't do that! I have been really trying to work on that with both he girls since they do tend to beat each other up and hey can't do that school. They said they didn't play with each other at recess either. I thought or sure they would but they said they didn't want to. They do have lunch recess with Samantha and today Courtney played with her and Breanna. Courtney also said she made a lot of friends and Sydney said she didn't make one. I hope Sydney is going to like school.
I had a great first full day without any kids. Jon and I went out to breakfast and then I headed over and chatted with Leah. I came and my big chore of was to go through the big box of art work and homework from last year. I couldnt do it over the summer becasue the girls would have made me save everything. I then burned it all. I knew if I threw it in the recyciling or garbage the kids would have saw it. I did save all the good stuff.  I now have a lot time to get all my projects done now!!