Thursday, September 13, 2012

the worst

Courtney did the worst thing that any of my kids have ever done to me yesterday. We were driving home and both she and Sydney were fighting in the back seat, kicking, hitting & yelling at each other. I gave them a couple warnings that we wouldnt be able to go to the park if they kept doing it and they did. So I told them no park! Courtney flipped out and grabbed a big chunk of my hair and pulled as hard as she could and said she wouldnt let go until we went to the park! I was furious. Thankfully I was in the middle lane or I would have pulled over and pulled her hair out! Man did it hurt. It throbbed for at least an hour. She got in huge trouble not only did she have to stay in her room the rest of the day, she had to clean it all by herself on top of losing electronic privileges for the week. Sydney lost that too for fighting. We talked about it this morning and she knew exactly what she and she promised she would never do it again to anyone. We talked about the hitting and kicking too. It's escalating and I am totally afraid they will do it to a classmate. It's bad enough they hit each other but when other kids get involved it's a whole new ball game. I am hoping that this punishment is good enough but Courtney is a tough one to punish becasue she really doesnt care about anything. Parenting is tough!