Friday, May 13, 2011


I was super spoiled when we lived in AZ. Jon worked from home, Sam was in school all day, the twinks went to school three days a week for a few hours and my best friend lived a half a mile away. Now that we are here. Jon works 10 hour days, Sam only goes to school until 1, the twinks arent in preschool and my best friend now lives 1800 miles away. Oh yeah and the sun shined everyday in AZ and here the clouds drip everyday. It has been a difficult adjustment to say the least. The most difficult aspect of it all is my mom is in Heaven. I miss her so much. I was excited to move back to my home town when it really came to it. It was an exciting new adventure. Jon likes his job. It's challenging and has nothing to do with computers. It's a whole new career for him and he's happy. The kids seem to be adjusting well. I dont really have the twinks on a schedule and each day is pretty much a lazy do whatever we feel like kind of day. When it's not raining they love to play outside. In my mind though I was expecting my mom to be here to help me raise these 3 beautiful girls. Just going to the grocery store these days is challenging. Like today I need to go the store for some fruits and veggies which are totally lacking in this house and the twinks dont want to do anything. They dont even want to get dressed. Thankfully my niece Alexa Kay isnt all that busy at the moment so she is coming out for a couple hours. The last thing I want to do is take two 4 year olds to the store who dont even want to be there. Makes the whole shopping experience very unpleasant! The one thing I think I have finally realized is I need to find a hobby. Something for me. Hopefully in the next few weeks you'll find a blog post here about something...maybe I'll finally get my chickens, plant my garden or my apple orchard. I have great aspirations just havent had the motivation to do a thing about it.