Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lake padden

Sunday afternoon stroll around lake Padden. I thought the girls were ready for a 2.6 mile "hike" around lake Padden but we made it about 3/4 around and the girls were done. Didnt help that there was a playground either. The walk was fun and beautiful and about 1/2 around Alexa and Bernt came walking up behind us!!
We are off...Courtney had to stop and pick the flowers!

the girls thought the water was warm...crazy kids!

they were great at letting me take pictures of them along the way. It's jsut so pretty. Bellingham has changed a lot since I moved away 18 yars ago but the parks pretty much remained the same. So fun to take the kids hiking at places I did when I was their age!
they loved to go off trail!

Sydney striking a pose!

Daddy and his girls!

Samantha's turn to strike a pose!

so pretty!

the twinks were trying to get down the hill but wanted to hold hands they came crashing down giggling the whole way!
climbing up the side of a hill...
So fun...