Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

The 3 that call me MOM!
An almost perfect Mother's Day...it would have been perfect if the kids let me sleep an hour longer but they woke up at 6:30 for some insane reason. I was showered with flowers, homemade cards and got to unwrap 3 presents that came from the dress up box (A sash that says perfect, a lei and a purple furry scarf) I also got a gift certificate for a massage! We then went to church. After church we met my Dad and my brothers at the cemetery to visit moms grave. The headstone was put in last week and Dad got the vase painted purple. I miss mom so much!
We then headed over to the Colophon cafe for lunch. Afterwards I wandered thru the bookstore while the kids ran around on the stage outside. The only thing I really wanted for Mother's day was the play structure and swings put together so my dad and Jon spent the afternoon doing that. Uncle Lance helped too! We ended the day with one of my favorite meals...Ivars clam chowder (from Costco) Caesar salad and crusty bread. I wish every day was Mother's Day!
We moved the swing to the left of the play structure under the trees. Howe Park is coming together!

Callie could play fetch all day long...

Papa tried out the slide!

Since they got up so dang early...they even took a nap!