Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RIP Barley

Barley boy died doing one of his favorite things last night...sleeping. My best friend Kim has been taking care of him while were in Whistler last week. When we left he had been doing pretty good. She called on Friday morning saying he's not doing so hot. She kept him as comfortable as she could, the poor guy just could stand up anymore. His back legs gave out on him. We got home around 8, he was sleeping. The girls all gave him hugs and read him a Christmas book. it was super sweet. I laid w him for a good long time. He moved his head sighed and that was it. He was such a great dog. The most perfect dog I could have ever picked. He was the runt and so not an alpha dog! The sweetest thing ever! 14 Awesome Years!!

A very poetic moment...at 10 pm every night we can hear "taps" coming form Luke Air Force Base. Jon and Mike were carrying Barley to the truck during that time. I heard it but just couldnt watch. Kim said if that was written into a movie script it wouldnt have been believable...so beautiful. RIP Big Dog!


Barley and Belle

Barley hunting w Belle

Barley Christmas 2000