Saturday, December 5, 2009

Surprise Party

The City of Surprise held it's 8th annual Surprise Party this weekend. Last night was the tree lighting ceremony. Jim and Jill met us there. It was really cool. Way more then I expected. They had a band that played a lot of Jimmy Buffett tunes plus Christmas songs! Courtney was a groupy and stood up front all by herself, dancing away! It was so cute. They even had a carnival with Carny rides and Carny games... We were over doing the rides when they lit the big Christmas tree all up! They also had about a dozen hot air balloons "glowing!" It was really cold (the car said 47*) so we ended up going to the car to watch the skydivers (kinda lame from the car since they didnt have lights on them) but they had an awesome fireworks show at the end! It was a fun outting!

Thant's Courtney in the pink boots!

Syndey wanted her daddy to go with her to get to the big slide!

the big pink slide!

the pirate ride "RRR"

they even had boats!

Pick a duck and win a prize (Courtney picked the pink dolly and Sydney got the blue one then was mad because she wanted pink...Sam got a wand then wanted a doll...ugh!)

the hot air balloon!

Courtney was mesmorized by the flames. She kept yelling "do it again!"

a friendly balloon pilot even let her come up close!

the flames of the balloon were warm but the kids still bundled up w Jim and Jills blanket!