Saturday, December 12, 2009


Last night we headed over to Glendale for their "Glendale Glitters." The town blocks off a street downtown by the main square and has a little festival w lots of lights, vendors, bouncy houses, a stage with shows, a movie playing- Madagascar 2, and of course the main reason we went...SANTA! The girls were so excited!
They were dancing in line!

finally they got to see him!
Samantha telling him that she wants "a princess that turns into a fairy then back to a princess"

And Sydney said she wanted a fairy princess!

this is the one they took! totally the 30 minutes of waiting and $5!

and Courtney said she wanted a "Snow White Doll"

then the bouncy house fun!

with a big slide

they would jump really high and just fly down!
the videos: