Sunday, December 13, 2009

these two are three

the twins had there AZ birthday party today. It rained this morning so the bouncy house got cancelled but everyone seemed to have a good time anyways. I ordered way to many pizzas from Papa Johns so pretty much everybody took home a pizza too.

Here's Courtney!
and the other birthday girl Sydney w me the mom!

big sister Samantha!

The neighbor boy Brendan!

Since there was no bouncy house we did crafts instead...foam sticker door handles! It was a smashing success! Very crafty!!

everybody got into it!

I let the girls pick out the cake at Costco. Sydney wanted the Princess hat and wand while Courtney wanted the balloons. We ended up w the balloons and I put Princesses on it. They were both so very happy!

Courtney loves Ice Cream!

Sydney loves Cake well frosting mostly! Such a sweetie!

Goofy girl

Her favorite face

and Syds too!


Playing w the new Barbies w Jill

and new roller bags from Mom and Dad (Sam got one too)
all and all it was a fun little party! another one in WA in 5 days on there "real" birthday!