Thursday, December 10, 2009

zoo lights

The last few days have been jam packed w fun! So I am behind on the blogging...
Last Thursday night we went o Zoo Lights. Aiden came along w us. (He's a son of one of Alyssas coworkers) The girls were a little bummed because all we saw was lights no animals (well we did see some Zebras and flamingos) but the lights we spectacular~

Sydney was my little poser for the camera throughout the night!

Jenga the Giraffe was there. He is a talking giraffe who sings songs and tells jokes to the kids. They wanted to stay w him the longest!

Jenga the giraffe!


of course we went on the merry go round!

We love the merry go round!

Jengo the talking Giraffe playing Head Shoulder knees and toes w the crowd

The merry go round-