Friday, December 18, 2009


We flew Namy and Papas late Weds night. Jon had work in Vancouver on Thursday and Friday so we took advantage of the grandparents and made a little getaway out of it. We left before the kids even woke up first stop...Tim Hortons!
Jon checked us into the hotel and off to work he went. I on the other hand did absolutely nothing! Channel surfed, read, napped it was AWESOME. Jon got back around 2:30 and we headed out for a late lunch...Sushi! We stopped by 2 different Sushi places and pretty much all the restaurants in the area were closed between 3 and 5 but we found a little hole in the wall that was cheap and super tasty! The waitress suggested the ahi, She said it was super fresh and it was the best both Jon and I had ever had. We ended up ordering 3 servings of it.

We walked around for a bit and went back to the hotel for more of nothing until we met up with a coworker of Jons and his family. More good food. This morning Jon had more work so I slept in! More awesomeness! We headed back and did some Christmas shopping at the Bellis Fair mall in Bellingham. I am all recharged for the hectic week we have ahead of us... First off the twins Bellingham Birthday Bash tonight!