Monday, February 8, 2010

The Princess Ball

The gym we belong to (Lifetime Fitness) is having a Princess Ball on the 20th. I have known about it for a really long time...On Saturday it was the last day to sign up before the prices went up so I headed down to do just that. Papa is in town that week so Jon and Papa were going to take all our little princesses. I even made Sams birthday party on Sunday the 21st rather then the Saturday because of this dang Ball. I have been to the gym so many times and walked past the sign ups everytime but did I stop and do it NO! Well when I went on Saturday to sign them up it was SOLD OUT! I couldnt believe it. They even added 200 more seats to this years ball (we werent memebers last year so I didnt realize what a popular event this was) So now we are the first people on the waiting list but I am not holding my breath. I cant believe I did this...I will not be putting things off like this again. I am so sorry girls.